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Bird Ringing at Nereta, Latvia – 2019 / All Data on

table bird ringing at nereta 2013_2019 all results

Further on weekends and vacations I would be ringing birds on a regular basis from the middle of March till the end of November at Nereta, Central part of southern Latvia, map here. Surroundings – woods, meadows, bushes, some small swamps, some gardens, in some places agrarian environment. Ringing area biotope – meadow (on a agricultural land), tree and bush clump (oriented toward S to N), border of a forest, small pond, fruit tree garden.

The equipment I am using for the ringing – 5 mist nets for small and middle passerines (total lenght – 50 m, height – 2,5 m, 5 shelves) and 1 mist net for owls in spring and autumn migration (lenght – 14 m, height – 3 m, 4 shelves).

When I will ring birds at Nereta, all ringing data and summary I will be publishing on the page on the account NERETA. The summary of 2013-2019 HERE, more statistics of 2013-2018 HERE.